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The Department of Business Administration in the banner of Faculty of Business Studies at NDUB is doing their operation from 2014.

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Dr. Parimal Chandra Datta

Professor, Chairperson & Coordinator, BBA & MBA Programs

It is indeed a great news that Notre Dame University Bangladesh is going to unveil a renewed website soon which endorses the very long term vision and pragmatic perspectives of the university.

Notre University Bangladesh was founded in 2013 by the relentless endeavor of the Holy Father with the motto of, “The competence to see and the courage to act” and it states and iterates its guiding philosophy towards enlightening human minds with knowledge and wisdom. The university is situated at Motijheel, Dhaka with its peerless record of starting of a private university at its own permanent base where no other private university in Bangladesh started its operation from its own permanent base. Besides, the place where the university is located is nothing but the center of Dhaka city where are offices of all the Ministers and Secretaries known as Bangladesh Secretariat and it is also the prime education district as this area is surrounded by the most reputed college of the nation, “Notre Dame College" along with a good number of very reputed schools and colleges and the historical Race Course and Ramna Parks of the country. The campus of Notre Dame University is very pleasant and full with greeneries and blossoms and a few grand university buildings are in the making.

At present, there are five departments and out of them, the Department of Business Administration is the biggest department with BBA and MBA Programs. BBA Program is a four-year undergraduate coursework with internship program in its last semester whereas the MBA Program is 1 year for BBA graduate, 1.6 years for service holders preferably for the promising business executives with 2 – 4 years of experience, and 2 years for regular MBA. Both the programs have concentration in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management, and Human Resource Management.

The Department of Business Administration is very rich with its strong faculty members alongside a good number of adjunct faculty members from the various industrial fields and from a few noted public universities, particularly University of Dhaka. The University Administration provides its best for the students and the faculty members and convocation programs are held regularly for the graduating students. Besides, the graduates of BBA and MBA Programs of the university are placed with good jobs and they get promotions and career growth at a greater pace.

The Business Administration Department of Notre Dame University is advancing towards its mission and vision to make it a learning spree for all the young minds of BBA Program and junior level executives of the MBA Program.

We welcome you all to the Department of Business Administration of Notre Dame University Bangladesh

Read about the department of Business administration

About the department

The Department of Business Administration brings together various business disciplines to nurture a diverse and supportive learning community. We conduct rigorous and innovative interdisciplinary research that improves theory and practice in contemporary business. We offer an educational environment that encourages life-long learning for our students, faculty, staff, and business partners. We combine the faculty of Business’s strengths with those of engineering, agriculture, health and social sciences to utilize our University’s distinctive intellectual excellence and develop a new spectrum of solutions for contemporary management problems. Courses are designed with the following topics: business organization, environment, human resources, marketing, accounting, finance, and international concerns. With an aim to identify and understand basic business terminology, a variety of business topics are introduced. To examine how business operates in the social, political, and economic climates. We identify common business practices and problems, explore career opportunities in business, and to recognize the elements/characteristics of free enterprises.

The Department of Business Administration is the largest department at NDUB and the department has been offering undergraduate and graduate programs in Business Administration since the inauguration of the Dept. Since its inception, this Department has been playing a dominant role in offering quality business education to the students and executives strive to equip themselves with up-to-date knowledge. The ultimate goal of the Department is to provide students with an integrated and practical approach to understanding current business practices and educate them to think from outside the box.

However, the ultimate objectives of Notre Dame University Bangladesh are not only to create business leaders and entrepreneur but also to make the students aware about ethical and social responsibilities. This is the prime specialty of NDUB that we just not provide good education but value based education to form the whole person.

At present, the department offers four majors in the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in a wide range of field such as:

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration has been offering a 4-year undergraduate degree program called Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) since 2014. This program is spread over twelve trimesters with three trimesters per academic year. Admission is three times a year.

MBA for BBA Graduates

The Department of Business Administration has been offering a 1-year Graduate program since 2015. This Graduate program is spread over four trimesters with three trimesters per academic year. Admission will be three times in a year.

Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA)

The Department of Business Administration has been offering a 16 months Master’s Degree program for those who are employed in their professional area in Business Administration from 2014. This program is spread over four Trimesters with three Trimesters per academic year. The admission is thrice a year.

One of the special features of the department is that it has a blend of well-experienced teachers with foreign exposure, a galaxy of young, energetic faculty members, quite a good number of nationally and globally renowned teachers of University of Notre Dame (USA), University of Dhaka, Jahangirnagar University who are professionally dedicated to teaching the students of Business Administration at NDUB. Research and teaching are the prime objective of this department. The curriculum encourages the students to sharpen their analytical and communication skills, placing a balanced emphasis on qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Objectives of the department

Application: demonstrate how one can apply functional and foundational concepts to think critically and solve business problems. Functional knowledge: subject matter knowledge of

  1. Accounting;
  2. Organizational behavior;
  3. Organizational management;
  4. Financial management;
  5. Marketing;
  6. Information systems;
  7. Law;
  8. Human resource management;

Interface with society: demonstrate an understanding of how economic, legal and regulatory, political, social, technical, environmental, and competitive forces (local, regional, global) affect business.

Issue spotting and opportunity recognition: identify options for turning problems into business or personal opportunities. Creativity: generate unique solutions to problems or ways to respond to opportunities.

Ethical decision making: recognize ethical issues, apply ethical frameworks to analyze them, then choose and defend a solution.

Reflective thinking: demonstrate consideration of a belief, form of knowledge, action, or experience, evaluate it, and develop insight toward future action.

Initiative: seek opportunities for active involvement in curricular areas. Taking others’ perspectives: demonstrate an understanding of another person’s point of view.

Writing: produce quality business documents that exhibit competence in content, organization, quality, and referencing.

Presenting: create and deliver quality business presentations that exhibit competence in content, technology, verbal and non-verbal presentation skills, organization and clarity.

Interpersonal skills and teamwork: communicate effectively in small group situations.

Our graduates can efficientlywork in entry-level business jobs. Bachelor’s degrees equip students with a strong understanding of business fundamentals, management principles, and the interpersonal skills needed to thrive in the business world. Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs prepare students to operate in a variety of different roles, with most being management positions. With an associate degree in business administration, someone can find entry-level jobs that allow them to get their foot in the door in the business world. Employment opportunities include positions such as an Executive Assistant, Analyst Benefit/Payroll Clerk, or Marketing Assistant.

A bachelor’s degree can open up employment opportunities over a wide variety of careers. Management positions such as Sales Manager, Project Manager, Internship Manager, Business Manager, or Shift Manager become available. Along with those, people with bachelor’s degrees work in positions aimed at improving business operations. For example, a Business Operations Analyst studies a company efficiencies and recommends ways to improve it. Taking a job in accounting is also a path many choose.

With an MBA, people qualify for numerous management and leadership roles. These may include jobs such as Business Manager, Senior Business Strategy, or Director of Business Analysis. Those with an MBA also go on to work in VP roles in positions like the VP of Business Development and VP of Strategic Operations, which consists of implementing plans to improve business processes. People who specialize in concentrations such as finance can go on to work in a role as a Financial Manager or Chief Financial Officer. These roles oversee the financial and investment activities of a company and make sure they achieve their financial goals and projections. Although most people who graduate with an MBA go on to the corporate world, a small number may go on to be community college Instructors or Adjunct Assistant Professors.

Business administration majors typically work in offices or, in the case of those with a doctoral degree, in the classrooms of colleges and universities. While most two year colleges and four-year schools prefer individuals with doctoral degrees, some may hire individuals with MBAs as part-time instructors or teaching assistants.

Get to know our Business Administration Faculty Members

Faculty Members

Dr. Parimal Chandra Datta

Professor, Chairperson BBA & MBA Programs, Department of Business Administration

Professor Dr. Durgadas Bhattacharjee

Adjunct Professor, MBA Program

Professor Dr. Abdul Awal Khan

Adjunct Professor, MBA Program

Professor Dr. Tanbir Ahmed Chowdhury

Adjunct Professor, MBA Program

Professor Dr. Sumon Das

Adjunct Professor, MBA Program

Professor Dr. Shyam Sundar Karmakar

Adjunct Professor, MBA Program

Professor Dr. Serajul Haque

Adjunct Professor, MBA Program

Professor Dr. Ashraful Islam Chowdhury

Adjunct Professor, MBA Program

Professor Dr. Haripada Bhattacharjee

Adjunct Professor, MBA Program

Professor Dr. Samir Kumar Sheel

Adjunct Professor, MBA Program

Professor Dr. A.A. Mahboob Uddin Chowdhury

Adjunct Professor, MBA Program

Dr. Md. Abdul Hakim

Associate Professor, Business Administration

Dr. Vhokto Kumar Biswas

Associate Professor, Business Administration

Kamol Gomes

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR (Study Leave, Germany)

Ranet John Paul Gomes

Asst. Professor, Business Administration

Nazma Akhter

Asst. Professor, Business Administration

Tazia Hossain

Asst. Professor, Business Administration

Tanzia Rahman

Asst. Professor, Business Administration

Afrista Birjis

Asst. Professor, Business Administration

Aziza Akhter

Asst. Professor, Business Administration

Sultana Shahida Abedin

Assistant Professor

Dr. Nandita Mallik


Israt Jahan Piya


Shyama Folia

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The campus is vibrant with activities. There are many opportunities for getting involved in extra-curricular activities at Notre Dame University Bangladesh (NDUB). The instructors may be demanding, yet are very friendly and helpful and so are all the staff and support people. When you need help, there will be help for you.

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