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Accreditation of a university in Bangladesh has been granted by Bangladesh Accreditation Council (BAC). Accreditation is important because it helps this university determining minimum quality standards, acceptability of transferring credits and create goals for its own self-improvement. It helps students finding NDUB as their desired institution for enrollment because it protects interests of the students, parents, and the university itself. Moreover, this university offers such educational programs which are attaining a level that meets splendidly the preferred standards. The Board of Trustees, the Syndicate, the Academic Council, the teaching faculty, the office staff, students, and guardians together are jointly working to maintain the following standards:

  1. Governance,
  2. Leadership, Responsibility, and Autonomy,
  3. Institutional Integrity and Transparency,
  4. Curriculum,
  5. Teaching-Learning & Assessment,
  6. Student Admission & Support Services,
  7. Faculty and Professional Staff,
  8. Facilities & Resources,
  9. Research & Scholarly Activities,
  10. Monitoring, Evaluation & Continual Improvement,