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Library Overview

Notre Dame University Bangladesh Quinlivan Library is open to all NDUB community members. Access to library facilities requires valid NDUB ID and Library cards (terms and conditions applied according to library rules).

Contact Information

  • Telephone: 02-7195972 
    • Ext. 118 (Library)
    • Ext. 120 (Library In-charge)
  • E-mail:

1. Basic Information

1.1 Floor Arrangement

Ground Floor: Library room & pigeon whole area.

1.2 User Types

  1. Students
  2. Faculty members
  3. Office and Support Staff

1.3 Library Sections

  1. Administration
  2. Acquisition
  3. Processing
  4. Circulation
  5.  Reference

2. Membership Policy

  1. Students having valid registration/ identification from the appropriate authority of the University are entitled as NDUB Quinlivan Library members.
  2. Library membership card is required to enjoy the borrowing facilities of the library materials.
  3. One copy passport size and one copy stamp size of a recent photograph (students, officers, and staff and faculty members) along with completed Membership Application Form are required to complete the membership process. 
  4. Library members are required to notify library office of any changes to their postal address or contact number or e-mail address as written on the membership form.
  5.  Library membership card is neither transferable nor exchangeable.

3. Library Forms

Membership Form

The membership form can be collected from the Notre Dame University Bangladesh Quinlivan Library for Tk. 100/- (one hundred) only.

4. Rules

4.1 Basic Rules

  1. The Library is open to all who have a valid Notre Dame University Bangladesh ID card and Library membership card which must be shown at the entrance of the reading room, if requested.  Admission without the necessary ID and membership cards will be denied.
  2. Silence is strictly maintained in the self-study zone; users’ behaviour should reflect this, respecting the needs of others.
  3. The consumption of food and drink is not permitted in the library.
  4. Personal books/spiral bindings/envelopes/any kinds of files/file covers/bags are not allowed in the library. 
  5. Mobile phones must be kept silent inside the library. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in expulsion from the Library.
  6. Library users are expected to follow the NDUB Code of Conduct. Any misconduct with the officials, interference with study environment, or damage to property will lead to expulsion from the library/revocation of Library membership and compensation to the University for damage caused. 
  7. Exercise notes, pens, pencils, rubbers, geometric boxes, calculators, laptops, and loose pages are allowed in the library.

4.2 Borrowing Rules

  1. Faculty Members are entitled to borrow six books at a time for a period not exceeding eight weeks. Staff members are entitled to borrow two books at a time for a period not exceeding fourteen days.
  2. A student can borrow two books at a time for seven days, which may be renewed for another seven days if necessary. 
  3. Reference books, journals, magazines, newspapers, theses, dissertations and reports are not offered for loan. 
  4. Circulation services start fifteen minutes after the library opens and close fifteen minutes before the library closes.

5. Fine Policy

  1. Fines for overdue books are calculated, including holidays, from the date mentioned on the due slip of the library material.
  2. If borrowers (students/staff/faculty) fail to return the borrowed items on the due date, a fine of taka 20/- per day per book will be charged until the return of the book. 
  3. A fine of taka 10/- per day for each CD/DVD-ROM will be charged after due date until the return of the material. 
  4. If the borrowed library material is not returned within three weeks of the due date, it will be assumed that the borrowed item has been lost by the borrower, s/he will be liable for the item borrowed. 
  5. The borrowers in their own interest should ensure that their borrower card is endorsed and returned to them after returning library materials. 
  6. If the library card is lost, a charge of taka 50/- will be imposed for issuing a new one.