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Admission FAQ

The NDUB admission information is available in the following places:

  1. NDUB official website (, and NDUB official Facebook Page
  2. The Admission Desk, NDUB (Phone: 01708661555)
  3. Information Office, NDUB (Phone: 01781910129)
  4. Information is available through E-mail address too. The address is:
  5. Visit our Admission website (

At NDUB there are 2 trimester in an academic year:

  1. Spring
  2. Fall

The duration of each semester is six months (24 weeks), which are used as follows:

  1. Spring (January – June)
  2. Fall (July – December)

Applicants can check their application status online any time at

Yes, it is a requirement for the applicants to upload their scanned passport size formal photograph—taken in the last three months.

Applicants need to pay Tk. 1,000 (one thousand) as non-refundable application fee Tk. 1000.

You can pay both offline and online. 

  1. Offline applicants: The applicant can pay by cash (Tk. 1000/-) during the collection of form from the admission office
  2. Online applicants: The applicant can pay by bKash (with charge Tk.1016/-)

A 30-minute admission test consisting of essay and multiple choice questions in English (Grammar, Reading Comprehension), HSC syllabus-based Mathematics, short essay writing, General Knowledge (GK), Department-based questions, translations, etc. Students are required to attend Viva Voce

After the publication of the admission test result the selected students will be informed over the telephone.

Evening class is only for the Graduate programs, not for the undergraduates.

For more queries, please visit the NDUB’s Admission Office, Room #103, Cell Phone no.: 01708661555.