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Let’s Code Your Career through Problem Solving

Department of CSE, Notre Dame University Bangladesh arranged a session titled “Let’s Code Your Career through Problem Solving” on February 27th.
This session was conducted by two dynamic speakers.

Abdur Rakib, Chief Operating Officer of Programming Hero came with a wealth of knowledge and a passion for helping youth to find the right career path. He has five years of experience at Brain Station 23 including roles in software engineering and project.
Mahmud Sajjad Abeer, a Software Engineer from Optimizely, and an expert mentor with extensive experience in software engineering and efficient learning methods delivered insights into how CSE students can make informed choices and learn programming effectively.
They discussed with the students and gave valuable suggestions to them.

The goal of the session is to ignite the aspiration of the students to explore programming as a foundational skill and discover a career path they will cherish.