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Carnivalesque held at NDUB to Celebrate Love, Language and Literature

“Love, language, and literature build an artistic trinity. Love needs literature to elevate itself and literature needs language to get the medium of expression.”

Sami Hossain Chisty, assistant professor in the Department of English at Notre Dame University Bangladesh, said these at the program titled: “Carnivalesque: A Celebration of Love, Language, and Literature,” an event organized by the Notre Dame University Bangladesh (NDUB) English Club on Tuesday at the campus premises. 

This program, aimed to explore the concepts of Love, Language, and Literature, presented a festive environment to students.

Dr Fr Patrick Daniel Gaffney, Vice Chancellor of Notre Dame University Bangladesh, inaugurated the event with an inspiring speech. 

He emphasized the symbolic significance of the clown in representing carnival festivities and highlighted laughter as a pivotal element. 

Drawing parallels to the Hunchback of Notre Dame, he explored themes of societal inclusion through role reversal, a theme he identified with the carnivalesque.

Sami Hossain Chisty, the keynote speaker, delved into the artistic trinity of love, language, and literature, defining literature as the entanglement of love and language. 

He explored the history of Carnivalesque and Mikhail Bakhtin’s contributions, outlining the four main tenets of the philosophy and praising its capacity to promote communication across disparate groups. He eloquently discussed various types of love, while playfully cautioning the audience against playing with hearts. 

From “Love at First Sight” to “Unrequited Love,” the audience actively participated in conversations about romantic love. 

Prof Golam Sarwar Chowdhury of the university, shared his appreciation of the merry carnivalesque environment as love in language and literature are the means of life.

The cultural segment featured captivating performances, including a poem chronicle, a musical, and a mime show performed by the students of the university. 

The carnivalesque boasted an array of stalls of foods, handcrafts, daily wear, etc that created a lively and memorable atmosphere for all attendees.