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NDUB Research Journal 2020


This first issue of the Notre Dame Research Journal signals a moment of modest achievement and a threshold of audacious promise. It is a tiny sapling planted with care in an immense and ageless forest. We trust that in the years to come, it will grow to productive maturity as part of Notre Dame University Bangladesh’s inspired mission of dedication to learning, character, and service. Our efforts to expand the frontiers of knowledge by asking new questions and by exploring different and possibly better answers to old questions seeks to introduce a fresh voice to be heard both within our own horizon of discourse as well as far beyond the boundaries of this campus and this nation. 

The articles collected in this peer-reviewed journal are meant to provide a forum for scholars, old and young, to share their work with others. The journal, we hope, will appeal to professional colleagues as well as to a wider public seeking information, analysis, critique, or reflection on pertinent issues. At present the NDRJ editorial policy regarding topics for articles, embraces the range of disciplines that are represented on our university faculty. These include five departments, Business Administration, Law, Economics, English, and Computer Science Engineering. While the Journal welcomes submissions from all sources, some preference is given to authors teaching in these departments at NDUB. In this way, we seek to encourage our teachers to publish their thinking and to share their investigations by providing them with an outlet where readers may see examples of our scholarly endeavors. 

Prof. Dr. Fr. Patrick D. Gaffney, CSC

Vice-Chancellor • Chairman, Editorial Board, NDUB Research Journal

Notre Dame University Bangladesh