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Computer Club’s seminar on Applications of Graph Theory 

Notre Dame University Bangladesh Computer Club successfully organized a seminar titled “Applications of Graph Theory” on 28 June 2022.

According to the participants, the presence of Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Fr. Patrick Gaffney, CSC, Treasurer Fr. Subas Adam Pereira, CSC and NDUB faculty members at the seminar had been a source of inspiration and courage among the students like the previous programs.

As Graph theory becomes implemented in many fields of mathematics, science and technology, it becomes more and more relevant. This is widely used in a number of areas such as biochemistry, electric and electronic engineering and informatics which also works on operations. Throughout other fields of mathematics pure fundamental findings were often demonstrated by strong combinatorial methods used in graph theory. Applications and research on Graph Theory is one of the prime sectors that Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) graduates and enthusiasts can navigate themselves.

This seminar was held on how to apply the concepts of graph theory in the present world consisting of so many challenges and solve them in an efficient manner. Participants thanked Sujoy Das, Managing Director of HNKC Systems (Pvt.) Ltd for introducing them to such aspects of theoretical computing. With this workshop, students learned how graph theory can be applied to traffic management, banking systems, automotive systems, cybersecurity, machine learning and artificial intelligence. They also learnt to apply appropriate methods for studying and/or solving the problems, and new technologies for developing recommendation algorithms and threat detection algorithms which will be able to prepare them for a workstation effectively and efficiently.

Students opined that their learnings would prepare them competent for industry as well as academia.