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Annual Study Tour of Department of Business Administration 2023

The Department of business administration of Notre Dame University Bangladesh had its annual Study Tour-2023 at Shaira Garden Resort in Narayanganj on March 2, 2023. The Covid-19 outbreak forced the organizing of the annual study tour after three years. Students, faculties, and guests make up a total of 237 attendees for the full-day event. Dr. Ashok, Fr. Boniface, Fr. Ashim and Sr. Sagorika contributed greatly to the study tour with their presence.

The buses left the campus around 7:30 am and arrived at the site at 10:45 am. During the journey, a delicious breakfast was provided for everyone. After arriving at the location, separate rooms were made available for students, faculty, and guests. The students were eager to explore the resort. Some of the students were busy playing games. The pool was available for everyone and students were having fun in the pool.

The buffet lunch started at 1.30 pm. and everyone loved the lunch buffet which featured more than 50 different and delightful items. The buffet was available until 3.30 pm. Some students took a rest in the resort’s natural surroundings after lunch, while others were eager to explore the site. The cultural program began at 4.30 pm and it was truly an amazing event. In the program, students performed dances and songs, both individually and in groups. The singing by Dr. Vhokto Kumar Biswas and the classical dance by Toma Chowdhury Tuli added some extra excitement to the entertainment value of the cultural show. To preserve these special moments, photographs of all the students and faculties were taken. The students received their evening snacks following the program.

After the study tour had finally come to an end, the buses left Shaira Garden Resort at 6:00 pm, and the students arrived back at the campus compound at 8:45 pm after a happy return trip.