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The annual picnic for administrative staff

The administrative staff went to the annual picnic from 3 to 4 March 2023. This time the picnic spots were in Khulna Division. After the Covid pandemic, everyone has waited eagerly for this picnic. The picnic team visited several places within these 2 days. A total of 68 staff were joined in this picnic.

On the 3rd March early morning, the picnic team started the journey towards the Baniarchar Catholic church and had their breakfast there. The team visited the new church and surrounding places. The Parish priest welcomes everyone to the Parish. The team also visited the graveyard of 10 people who were killed on June 3, 2001, in a bomb attack on this Catholic church.

After there, the team went to the mausoleum of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at Tungipara. The honorable Vice Chancelor, Pro Vice Chancelor, Deputy Registrar, other high officials, and staff paid tribute to the mausoleum of the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The team also visited some other nearby places like the library, the residence of Sheikh Mujib. Then the team started the journey to the sixty-dome mosque in Bagerhat which is a popular tourist place in the Khulna Division. The team visited the mosque area and a large pond just beside the mosque. After completing a short visit to the surrounding area the picnic team headed to the Caritas regional office of Khulna for lunch. In the evening, the team went to Khulna Bishop House and met with Bishop Romen Boiragi, DD. The team also visited a nearby hospital ‘Bichitra’ which was supported by several volunteer doctors from foreign countries. Coming back from the visit, the team had dinner with local traditional food called ‘Chuijhall’ and after that, the team arranged a cultural program by themselves, and Fr. Thomas McDermott, CSC organized the BINGO game for all.

The 2nd day of the picnic started with a morning mass and started the journey for Mongla early just after breakfast. Reaching the Mongla, the team headed to Karamjol, a part of Sundarban by boat. It was a 40-minute journey by boat which was also an exciting part of the picnic. The team spend nearly 2 hours there and enjoy the natural environment and animals of the Sundarban forest. After a wonderful experience, the picnic team headed to St. Paul’s Catholic Church. The parish priest of the church welcomed everyone to the church and offer lunch with traditional menus. Everyone enjoyed the lunch with full satisfaction. And then after having a rest for a short time, the picnic team started their journey to Dhaka.