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NDUBDC Participate in the first Club Day 2017

Notre Dame University Bangladesh Debating Club had the honor and privilege to contribute significantly towards the success of the first ever Club Day hosted by Notre Dame University Bangladesh. Club day was a great platform for our members to showcase their extra-curricular talents. Members possessing qualities apart from the Art of Debating entertained the young crowd with their mesmerizing performances at the Cultural ceremony held in the evening. During the day, club members volunteered for decorating the stall with their creative mindset. The Club stall featured our traditional Bangladeshi food, drinks and delicacies including pithas of various kinds.  A jar of spiced up and tangy green mango juice was served to the visitors at stall during the day. The freshly brewed green mango juice made the rising summer temperatures bearable and added to the essence of Bengali festivity to the day.

Our club members performed an act which was precisely a “Fun Debate” in the cultural program. The short act was hugely applauded by the students including the guests at the program. The act was scripted by Krishti Aung Leona and was performed by a team of talented performers including Yasin Islam Alif, Md. Munna Chowdhury, Nasiruddin Niloy, Jannatul Ferdous Noon, Rajoshree Kar Riya, Zannat –E-Nur Mimu and Shaan. Other than the Fun Debate act, Rajoshree Kar Riya performed a solo  Rabindranth Tagore song and Krishti Aung Leona recited the poem ‘’Dui Bigha Jomi” by Rabindranath Tagore at the program.

Club Day 2017 was blessed by the presence of Fr. Benjamin Costa CSC who was present throughout the event. His constant presence became our source of motivation to work diligently even in the scorching heat. NDUBDC’s stall attracted plenty of food enthusiasts. Mostly working for the Club Day fostered unity and a sense of teamwork within our club. The entire role played by NDUBDC club members was under the guidance of Mr. Kamol Gomes, Moderator NDUBDC and Mr. Zahead Kamal, Co-Moderator NDUBDC.