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Syndicate inspects and directs the University’s academic activities, administrative activities, and overall management system. It thoroughly studies the annual budget and financial plan prepared by the Finance Committee, and prepares resolutions for the approval of the Board of Trustees. In compliance with the Statutes of the University, the Syndicate prepares resolutions on the following things: creation of positions for faculty, office staff and maintenance staff, and decides on their job descriptions, conditions, finalizing salary scale, and student fees and sends them to the Board of Trustees for its final approval. With the recommendations of the Academic Council, the Syndicate approves the University’s Examinations and their results.


Dr. Fr. Patrick Daniel Gaffney, CSC

Chairperson & Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Fr. Subash Adam Pereira, CSC

Member & Treasurer

Dr. Fr. Leonard Shankar Rozario, CSC

REGISTRAR (Syndicate Secretary)

Prof. Dr. Aloke Kumar Chakraborty

Dean of Faculty (Nominated by VC)

Md. Abu Yousuf Miah

Additional Secretary (Education Ministry Nominated)

Prof. Dr. Abul Kashem Mojumder

Former Pro-VC, BUP

Prof. Mahfuza Khanom

Member (BoT Appointee)

Mr. Firoze Akhtar

Member (BoT Appointee)

Fr. Lawrence Das, CSC

Proctor & Member (BoT Appointee)

Habib Md. Halimuzzaman

Academic Council Member-VC Appoint

A. H. M. Saiful Islam

Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering (Nominated by VC)