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The NDUB Cultural Club unveiling its 6th Executive Committee

The NDUB Cultural Club gathered on 22 August 2023 to announce the unveiling of its 6th Executive Committee. Sr. Shagorica Maria Gomes, CSC, Club Coordinator of Notre Dame University Bangladesh, set the tone for the event with an opening speech addressing both club members and the prospective Executive Committee.

In her address, Sr. Shagorica Maria Gomes, CSC, expressed gratitude to the attendees for their unwavering support and participation. She emphasized the club’s dedication to fostering the culture of Bangladesh and creative expression, highlighting the pivotal role of the Executive Committee in driving these goals. She also mentioned how the club made a comeback. Sr. Shagorica Maria Gomes motivated the incoming committee to carry forward the club’s legacy and encouraged all members to contribute actively.

Following Sr. Gomes, Co-moderator Mohammad Waliullah took the podium to deliver a brief speech. He acknowledged the significance of the upcoming responsibilities and expressed confidence in the new committee’s ability to navigate them successfully. Waliullah’s words resonated with optimism and served to inspire the members and to-be committee members.

The final speaker of the event was Moderator Aziza Akhter. In her concise speech, she commended the efforts of the outgoing committee and expressed eagerness for the new committee’s tenure. Aziza Akhter then proceeded to announce and introduce the members of the 6th Executive Committee. She unveiled their names and roles one by one, showcasing the diverse talents and skills each member brings to the committee.

The announcement event for the NDUB Cultural Club’s 6th Executive Committee concluded on a note of anticipation and enthusiasm. The speeches by Sr. Shagorica Maria Gomes, Mohammad Waliullah, and Aziza Akhter conveyed the club’s vision, motivation, and appreciation for its members. The announcement of the Executive Committee marked a pivotal moment, signifying the club’s commitment to its goals and the unity of its members.

The NDUB Cultural Club looks forward to the dynamic and enriching journey ahead under the leadership of the newly announced Executive Committee.