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The Intra-department Programming Contest

The Intra-department Programming Contest was held on 19 August 2023. It was an exciting and competitive event that showcased the programming skills of students within the department. The Intra-department Programming Contest was divided into two sections, the junior and senior sections. The contest provided an opportunity for participants to test their coding skills, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork. Firstly, our competition started with the inauguration and ribbon-cutting ceremony done by the honorable Fr. Subash Adam Pereira, CSC. Father gave a speech full of hope and advice for the participants. His address made the participants pragmatic about their contest. Father gave away the question sheet among the junior contestants with best wishes.

Honorable Dean of Faculty Prof. Dr. Aloke Kumar Chakraborty, Department Head Prof. Dr. Shaheena Sultana, Club Moderator Professor A.H.M Saiful Islam, Co-Moderator Humayara Binte Rashid and faculty members including Md. Bayazid Rahman, Mostafiz Ahammed, Mondira Chakraborty and Dhiman Roy were presented there to monitor the contest. Their presence was much needed to make the programming contest run smoothly. They made the competition successful.