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Orientation Program at Notre Dame University Bangladesh Sets the Tone for Spring 2024

The campus came alive with anticipation and excitement as Notre Dame University Bangladesh (NDUB) welcomed its new batch of students for the Spring 2024 with the orientation program organized on January 28, 2025. The event saw the presence of esteemed dignitaries, faculty members, staff, and eager newcomers, all gathered to embark on a journey of learning and growth.

Among the distinguished attendees was the Pro Vice Chancellor of NDUB, Dr. Fr. Charles B. Gordon, CSC, as the presider; the Former Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University, Dr. AAMS Arefin Siddique, as the Chief Guest; the BoT Chairman Dr. Fr. George Kamal Rozario, CSC, as the Guest of Honour; the Treasurer, Dr. Fr. Subash Adam Pereira, CSC; the Proctor, Fr. Lawrence N. Das, CSC; the Registrar, Dr. Fr. Leonard Shankar Rozario, CSC, administrators, and faculty members.

Commencing with the reverent hoisting of the national flag and university flag and floral reception, Dr. Fr. Charles B. Gordon, CSC, the Pro Vice Chancellor of NDUB, greeted the students and everyone in his welcome address, drawing parallels between the university experience and the exploration of a captivating book. He remarked, “The university experience is like embarking on a journey through the pages of a book, where each chapter holds the promise of discovery and enlightenment. This journey will guide you, the students, towards your academic and professional aspirations.”

The audience was treated to a video documentary by the Public Relations office as a glimpse into the vibrant life at NDUB. Moreover, the faculty members were introduced, emphasizing the supportive environment and sense of belonging that characterize the institution. Dr. Fr. Leonard Shankar Rozario, CSC, the Registrar of NDUB, reiterated the university’s commitment to fostering a culture of camaraderie and inclusivity, stating, “NDUB is a place of amity and belongingness nurturing our students.”

Refreshed with a dance performance by the NDUB students, the Deputy Registrar, Fr. Ashim Theotonius Gonsalves, CSC, provided insights into administrative offices, club activities, and counseling services, highlighting the myriad opportunities for students to engage and thrive beyond the classroom. The program also featured heartfelt reflections from two current students—Fatia Hassan from the Department of Business Administration and Naziba Noor from the Department of Law—and a poetry recitation by Aditi Sarker from the Department of English.

The Guest of Honour, Dr. Fr. George Kamal Rozario, CSC, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of NDUB, urged students in his speech to nurture their intellectual dedication. “You are the nation’s wealth. Cultivate perseverance and courage in the pursuit of knowledge,” he encouraged.

Afterward, the university’s Proctor, Fr. Lawrence N. Das, CSC, elucidated the rules and codes of conduct that define the university to ensure that students are well aware of the expectations and standards that NDUB upholds.

On the importance of education and its transformative power, the Chief Guest, former Vice Chancellor of the University of Dhaka, Dr. AAMS Arefin Siddique, delivered his address to the freshers asserting, “We need to build the competence to see and to know what to see. We also need proficiency to complete work and courage to act so with honesty and other moral values.” Aligning his words with NDUB’s motto, he concluded, “Remember, one who has education has light within his heart. Dream to change.”

As the event drew to a close, Fr. Shankar expressed gratitude to all participants, setting the tone for a promising academic journey filled with growth, discovery, and endless possibilities. The orientation program concluded on a note of optimism and camaraderie, laying the foundation for a vibrant and enriching semester ahead at Notre Dame University Bangladesh.