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NDUBCC Organizes Workshop on Basic and Advance Networking with Mikrotik Router

Notre Dame University Bangladesh Computer Club successfully organized a two-day workshop on Mikrotik Router Networking with One Sky Communication Limited on 21st May and 4th June. The presence of our Honorable Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Fr. Patrick Gaffney CSC, Treasurer Fr. Subas Adam Pereira CSC, Registrar Dr. Fr. Leonard Shankar Rozario CSC, Student Councilor & Director Fr. Edmond Cruze CSC, and our teachers at the beginning and end of this workshop have always been a source of inspiration and courage among the students.

Network management is the process of administering and managing computer networks. Services provided by this discipline include fault analysis, performance management, provisioning of networks, and maintaining the quality of service. Network management software is used by network administrators to help perform these functions. Modern-day enterprises heavily rely on networking to provide value to their customers. Network management is one of the prime sectors that CSE graduates and enthusiasts should navigate. Mikrotik Router Management is one of the most popular working sectors in the network management industry. It is constantly becoming well-known and popular among network administrators and the network industry.

This two-day-long workshop has been held on how to get employment facilities in this sector starting from Mikrotik router management. As a result, students get to know something new and have the opportunity to work practically. Participants thanked One Sky Communication Limited and its Deputy Managing Director A.K.M. Jahangir for introducing them to such an emerging sector. Through this workshop, students have learned how to analyze computer hardware and software problems as well as network problems encountered in the professional domain. They have also learned to develop and apply the appropriate methods for studying and/or solving the problems, and new technologies for routing and switching like the Mikrotik router set up which will be able to prepare a workstation effectively and efficiently. Most importantly students have earned understanding and competence in ICT and Network Infrastructure.

Undoubtedly, this workshop will be a guide for the future pathway of network administration and management and the fruitful discussion left a lot to gain for the students.