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Two Papers Accepted by IEEE Xplore, Showcasing Next-Gen Computing and IoT Breakthroughs

The International Conference on Next-Generation Computing, IoT, and Machine Learning (NCIM-2023), held on June 20, 2023, accepted two research papers written by academics and students of the Computer Science and Engineering Department of Notre Dame University Bangladesh (NDUB) for publication as well as for inclusion into IEEE Xplore. This is organized by the Department of CSE, DUET, Gazipur.
The paper titled “Research Data Analysis: Academic Research and Collaboration Activities in Bangladesh” is authored by Jannatul Ferdous Dania, Nafisa Tabbssum, Anindita Nath, Md. Iqbal Hossain, and Shaheena Sultana. This is joint work with a Research scientist in the Department of Computer Science (CS), The University of Arizona, USA.

The paper titled “Improved Apriori Algorithm Using Hash Technique” is authored by Sara Tanha, Richard Tirtho Biswas, Tonosree Roy Ritu, and Shaheena Sultana.