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Dr. Shahin Sultana



SHAHIN SULTANA was born in Kushtia, Bangladesh. She completed her early education in the sane city. She obtained her Ph.D in English Language Teaching from Goa University, India, as an ICCR Scholar. She also completed CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults), Cambridge University. Before that, she completed MA in ELT (English Language Teaching) from East West University, Bangladesh.

In the trajectory of the professional journey, conducting impactful research, immersing in the publication process and contributing to the globalization of the university primarily constitute the current motto of Shahin Sultana. Besides teaching as a lecturer at Notre Dame University Bangladesh, she devotes herself to publishing papers in SCOPUS and Web of Science indexed journals. Her prior experience of teaching  in a reputed English Medium School and later in the universities as an adjunct faculty transcended her thought to become inclined to research not only shaped her scholarly aptitude but also mushroomed her knowledge about global teaching practices, challenges and ways for overcoming the emerging difficulties. Her Ph.D in ELT opened an avenue for acquiring such knowledge. In line with this, she published in reputed journals including Partanika Journal of Social Science & Humanities, Language Testing in Asia, and The Qualitative Report. Her research interests are interdisciplinary issues in language learning from secondary to tertiary education.

In addition, she is also an active member of the editorial board of the journal of TESOL Society of Bangladesh.