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Sami Hossain Chisty

Asst. Professor


Sami Hossain Chisty is an academic, and Creative Writer. He earned his Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) from the Department of English, University of Dhaka. He obtained his M.A. from the same department where his concentration was English Literature. 

Sami started his academic career in 2016 as a lecturer in the Department of English, at Notre Dame College. In January 2017, he joined the Department of English Language and Literature at Notre Dame University Bangladesh as a lecturer and he has been working there since then. 

Sami is also working as the Director of the Free Linguistics Conference (FLC) an international linguistics forum established at the University of Sydney. He has completed special training on Subaltern Linguistics from FLC under the supervision of Dr. Ahmar Mahboob, Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Sydney. Sami has completed a special course on Education in the Time of Covid-19 from FLC where he mastered the CREDIBLE approach to research and teaching

He was the coordinator of a CREDIBLE Project led by FLC that published a multi-lingual e-book (The Ribbit-Ribbit Pond) in 27 languages addressing the issues of immigrants and refugees. He was also the translator of the Bangla version of the book.

Sami has also completed a course on Shakespeare’s Life and Work from the University of Harvard. In this course, his course teacher was Prof. Stephen Greenblatt.  

Sami is a registered researcher of the Press Information Department (PID) of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. 

Sami has published articles in international peer-reviewed academic journals. His areas of interest include Post-Colonialism, Ecocriticism, Postmodern Literature, Critical Theory, and Subaltern Linguistics. 

Sami is also a poet and writer. He got the first prize in an International Multilingual Poetry Competition arranged by FLC and P-3 Poetry Group. His award-winning poem “Funeral of Symbols” was included in an international anthology (Kavya Kalindi: The River of Poem) published in New Delhi. He has also received critical reception for his short story “Mr. and Mrs. Grave, “ published in the Daily Observer. 

Sami has conducted workshops on “Presentation Skills”, and “Public Speaking” at different academic institutions. He also writes articles for the national dailies of Bangladesh. 

He was the co-moderator of NDUB English Club, and NDUB Film & Drama Club. 


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