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Intra university business case competition named CASE BUZZ- 2017

The first round of the competition was a workshop that was hosted in partnership with ISPAHANI on 31st March, 2017. The club was privileged to have the presence of the speakers like Samid Razzak, Sadman Sadik and Rafsan Sabab. The speakers covered several aspects of the case solving and presentation skills that are vital for every Business Studies student. The workshop was a success by the nature and vibe that it created and it gave us a head start as the case solving round approached.

The next round was the online case submission and it started on 5th April, 2017. The participants were given an online case which they had 2 days to solve and submit online. From these 32 teams, 12 were selected for the next round which was a live case solving session and presentation of solution. And from those 12, six were selected for the final round of the competition.

The final of CASE BUZZ-2017 was held on 20th May, 2017 the club approached external judges for being a part of the competition and they immediately stretched their helping hand. The finalists were given a case on the Global retail giant Walmart operating in China and after solving they presented the solution before the judges and the audiences. Team INNOVOLIGENCE was crowned as the champions, team SYMBIOSISand team INQUISITORS were first and second runners up. The winners were handed over the prizes by the honorable vice chancellor Fr. Benjamin Costa CSC and the judges.