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Master of Arts in English Literature

The Department of English is offering a 16-months Graduation Program from 2021. This 16-months Master program is spread over 4 trimesters (including thesis) with three trimesters per academic year. Admission is offered three times a year.

Master of Arts in English Literature

About the program

The aim of this Program is to allow the students to develop a thorough knowledge of literary history, theory, and criticism, along with some other areas of Humanities; it enhances understanding of a wide range of cultures and intellectual traditions. However, it also helps the students develop transferable skills that are highly required by a wide range of employers. The Graduate courses offered to the students have been designed considering the courses offered in various reputed universities, home and abroad, keeping in view the ever-increasing horizon of Arts.

Dr. Fr. Leonard Shankar Rozario, CSC
Associate Professor, Chairman, Department of English

Message from the department chairperson

Message of the chair

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About the program

Faculty Members

The courses of MA in English Literature are taught by specialists who are dedicated to evolving your subject-specific knowledge as well as your broader skills and job prospects.

About the program

Faculty Office Hours

Program details

Students are admitted into the Graduation Program of the Department of English under the Faculty of Arts. The degree offered is called ‘Masters of Arts in English Literature’.

There are three trimesters in a year—spring, summer and fall—in an academic year. The duration of each trimester is 16 weeks, which is used as follows:

Classes 13 weeks
Preparatory leave before Trimester Final Exam 01 week
Duration of Examination 01 week
Trimester break 01 week
Total 16 weeks

Program Structure

The Graduation Program consists of 36 credits hours including M.A. Thesis of 6 credits each.

Allotment of Credit Hours
Two lectures of 1.5 hours (total 3 hours) a week is equivalent to three credit hours or One Lecture of 3 hours a week is equivalent to three credit hours.

One (1) course in Theory and Criticism; One (1) course in Creative Writing; 8 courses are in major areas and 1 course consists of a thesis.

M.A. Thesis
M.A. Thesis writing is mandatory to pass the 16-months Graduation Program.

Course Offering and Instruction

The courses which are offered in a particular trimester are announced and published in the Course Curriculum along with a tentative trimester schedule before the end of the previous trimester. Courses that are offered in any trimester are decided by the Department.

Each course is usually conducted by one teacher. The Course Teacher is responsible for maintaining the expected standard of teaching of the course and for the assessment of the students’ performance.

Limits on the Credit Hours to be taken in a trimester

Credit hours are fixed by the Department. Usually there is a minimum three courses (9 credits) and maximum 4 courses (12 credits). In case of repeating or retaking a course a student may be allowed to register for up to a maximum of 15 credit hours.

Admission Eligibility

A candidate for admission into the 1-year Graduate program must have the minimum following qualifications:

The rules and conditions for admission into this department are constructed by the Academic Council on the recommendation of the Admission Committee each year.

Waiver Structure & Eligibility

Waiver Based On Merit:

Tuition Fees & Cost

Programs Credit Hours Trimesters per year Admission Fees* Course Fees* (per credit hour)
Master of Arts in English Literature 36 3 10,000 4,000
*Trimester Fees: 4,000/=
*Bangladeshi Taka (BDT)