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The Campaign on USAID

In partnership with Democracy International and NSU Law, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Bangladesh initiated a month-long campaign entitled “Activism Against Gender-Based Violence” (GBV) in February 2024. The primary objective of this initiative was to motivate the collective battle in pursuit of a more secure future for women and girls.

The campaign commenced on February 9th with a comprehensive workshop facilitated by representatives of USAID Bangladesh. This pivotal initial phase facilitated the collaboration of delegates from nine universities in Bangladesh, promoting cooperation and inciting a sense of activism among these educational institutions. Over the course of the month, the universities that took part in the initiative developed into centers of knowledge and consciousness.

Notre Dame University Bangladesh (NDUB) emerged as an example of excellence. The university’s initiatives were spearheaded by a dynamic group consisting of Al Ali Rahman Sabit, Golam Alif, Sutapa Devi Saha, Sadia Jahan Mohona, and Barnard Sarker, under the devoted leadership of Team Coordinator Tasnuva Sharmin, Assistant Professor of Law at NDUB. Their tireless efforts throughout the month had an impact well beyond the confines of the university.

The campaign reached its final phase on March 7th, which was commemorated with a lively closing ceremony. Every university that took part in the initiative presented its own month-long activism journey. The NDUB team presented its significant efforts with excitement, and their commitment was duly acknowledged.

In addition to recognizing accomplishments, the closing ceremony was also a celebration of unity. In recognition of their dedication to legal knowledge, the NDUB team, in conjunction with teams from other universities, was granted certificates, a Judicial Bench book of significant value, and a token of appreciation. As all attendees gathered to savor a cake, which represented the decadent progress achieved in combating gender-based violence, a sense of jubilation filled the air.

The “Activism Against Gender-Based Violence” campaign exemplifies the significant progress that can be made when committed organizations and individuals come together. The Notre Dame University Bangladesh team, led by Professor Sharmin, significantly contributed to the formation of a changing movement.