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On January 30, NDUBCC arranged an insightful seminar on “Embracing Growth, A Personal Journey through Career Exploration and Learning Paths” during club hour at Notre Dame University Bangladesh.

Notre Dame University Computer Club has always encouraged students to look into various ways to improve their academic life. Pupils were also eager to hear firsthand about what life is like after graduation so they could properly prepare themselves.

The event was enlightened by the presence of respected individuals, including the honorable head of the department Prof. Dr. Shaheena Sultana, Club Moderator Prof. A.H.M Saiful Islam, Co-Moderator Humayara Binte Rashid, and faculty members including Stanly Pius Rozario, Bayezid Rahman, Afsana Sharmin Shanta. We were graced by the presence of them.

The seminar commenced with a thoughtful speech by Prof. Dr. Shaheena Sultana, who was really elevated regarding the seminar and emphasized the importance of continuously striving for personal and professional growth.

G.M. Ansarul Kabir, an honorable CSE department alumnus from the CSE 2 batch who is presently enrolled in the University of Oslo, Norway’s master’s degree in programming and system architecture, has been invited by NDUBCC today. We can plainly see from G. M. Ansarul Kabir’s speech how to hone our abilities to the point where we are among the finest in that field.

He gave us advice throughout this seminar on how to learn quickly and to have confidence in ourselves. Additionally, he conveyed the difficult reality of living overseas and how difficult it was to succeed academically. Additionally, he stressed the need to discover a passion so that we could focus on it and live our academic lives accordingly.

Our esteemed moderator professor A.H.M. Saiful Islam sir gave an insightful address to wrap up the seminar. He expressed his satisfaction with his previous students’ accomplishments and praised their enormous professional success.

Students gained insightful knowledge from an alumna with a similar educational background during the “Embracing Growth” program. Many students want to study abroad, but they’re not sure what actions to take to make it happen. This seminar’s primary objective was to inform students about all the options for studying abroad from another student’s perspective. They gained a little better understanding of the difficulties in realizing their long-held desire as a result.

Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of the students, the seminar ended successfully with a lingering hope to have this type of event again in the future.