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Instruction for Vaccination Program

It has been confirmed by the Shastho Adhidaptor that their full medical team will come to the temporary center of NDUB for the vaccination program on Sunday, 31 October 2021, at 8:00am. Therefore, if anyone of you has done the registration through UGC’s link and later done it again through our office, please do the following:

a) Do your registration again through ‘Surokkha’ with your birth registration/date of birth;

b) Your center’s name will be XvKv ¯‹zj †K›`ª (`wÿY);

c) Those who have done their registration through Surokkha using their NID and have not been vaccinated yet, may try to do their registration once again with their birth registration/ date of birth, if they want to be vaccinated at NDUB. If Surokkha accepts their registration, they will be able be vaccinated at NDUB;

d) After the registration you will get a vaccination card; please bring a printed copy of that with you;

e) Vaccination program at NDUB will be only on Sunday, 31 October. Those who will not come on that day will miss the chance;

f) The Civil Surgeon and his team will maintain discipline on the campus on the vaccination day. They would not allow the parents or friends to enter the campus. Therefore, if anyone comes with you, he/she might be asked to stay outside.