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NDUB English Club Organized for Students’ Demand on Research Gap

The NDUB English Club hosted a workshop titled “Research Gap” on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, at 2:30 pm. Habiba Akter, an Assistant Professor in the Department of English of Notre Dame University Bangladesh (NDUB), conducted the workshop with participants from different departments of the university.
The session’s primary goals were to provide students with guidance and shed light on the preliminary stages required to begin any research. The facilitator stated that the research gap is required for every research paper and that the researcher must mention the gap as well as previous initiatives in the work. Moreover, it provides an insight to future research possibilities. This part of the research also removes any chance of redundancy and repetition.
Most of the time, the freshmen or young researchers may be confused between the research gap and limitations, so they have to be specific about the population and sample of the research; these are all well discussed in the workshop session.
The facilitator concluded her workshop by urging the students to “question everything.” The more the researcher asks questions, the more he or she can learn and be clear about his or her research topic.