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NDUB English Club provide supports to ensure the intellectual and academic growth and nourishment of learners. The various activities enrich students ability of critical thinking and analytic reasoning. Moreover, these activities make them confident and upgrade their skills in multiple aspects to secure their future experiences in front if the world. 

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Since November 2015, NDUBEC has staged multiple visual poems and plays, has held workshops to help the students improve their English language proficiency and has gone on excursions to help the students improve their cultural awareness.

Habiba Akter

NDUB English Club nurtures the creative potential as well as English language skill of students. Intellectual and academic growth of students are the prime concern.

Ahmed Tahsin Shams

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Future Plan

NDUBCC intends to increase the competence of the members involved and provide the students with a wide variety of conceptual and practical skills on the different sectors of computer science outside their classrooms. It also intends to hold workshops on topics such as: programming, graphic design, multimedia creation and editing, 3D modeling, hardware training such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and many more. Anyone interested is welcome to join NDUBCC to participate in such events.

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