Scholarship and Financial Aid


Waivers: The following tuition fee waivers are made available for the students:
1. Common for students of Graduate and Undergraduate programs

a) Waiver based on results:
   (i) 50% tuition fee waiver for MBA, BBA & CSE: 4:00 out of 4:00; English & Economics: 3:80 and above; Law: 3:60 and above
   (ii) 40% tuition fee waiver for MBA, BBA & CSE: 3:95 to 3:99; English & Economics: 3:75 to 3:79; Law: 3:55 to 3:59 
   (iii) 30% tuition fee waiver for MBA, BBA & CSE: 3:90 to 3:94; English & Economics: 3:70 to 3:74; Law: 3:50-3:54  
b) Up to 50% to the physically challenged candidates; 
c) Up to 20% to spouse, offspring(s) and sibling(s) of the NDUB faculty members and employees; 
d) Up to 20% tuition fee waiver to the children of the freedom fighters;
2. Besides the above waivers, special tuition fee waivers may be granted only for the Graduate students:
e) 10% tuition fee waiver will be granted to Graduate students coming from Missionary colleges and who have financial difficulty; 
f)  Up to 25% tuition fee waiver for all of a corporate group of at least 3 candidates; 
g)  Up to 100% tuition fee waiver can be granted to one of the three siblings;
h) Up to 25% tuition fee waiver for one of a married couple 

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