Current Students

NDUB has admitted three batches of students since November 2014. The admission for the Summer Semester is just over. It started with six departments, mainly BBA, Economics, English and Law, Computer Science and Engineering and hoping to start Textile studies within a very short time.

Our textile studies are patronized by German Embassy and some universities of Germany with the assurance of exchange of faculty members and visits to Germany for seminars, symposiums and research. In last six  batches we admitted more than 1,100 students.

The ratios of male and female students respectively are: 58.93+% and 41.06+%.

Current students hold make up classes for missed classes and remedial classes for comparatively weaker students according to performance. Regular meetings with staff and faculty are made for upgrading the quality of education; regular evaluations are made also for the same.

Personal contacts with students and guardians are made for their improvement in class performance and results.

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